99,9% Our transports
comes on time.

Always on time.


We have worked them out for you, to operate better and more effectively on logistical market.

With full control and localization systems we are able to localize quick and precisely our freights. All the time we keep in touch with the drivers and the planning department sets down the best and most optimal track in dynamic vehicular conditions. So we do not let to anything happen randomly.


We work only with pro. We believe them and know that the right person at good place can change even the worst situation.



Today world is the world of information. Without communication we can only have a guess. But we cannot let this happen and all the time we keep in touch with the drivers.



Every our vehicle has GPS system. Tracking let us localize the truck days and nights. Implementation of this technology to our fleet minimalized risk of delay.



We plan the tracks and departures with the newest freight information to minimalize risk of backup or any different vehicular event. The time and safety have the most essential values for us.



Europe at hand!

The most of EU’s countries are in our range.

The countries in our range:
Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia.

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Proud we present
our lorries.

We only put on the best solutions. Our fleet contains most the newest lorries from Volvo and DAF, which aren’t older than 2 years. In our fleet you can find also the semitrailer from prestigious Polish company Wielton. All our vehicles are in the best condition and it is faithfully researched.

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We work only with the best ones.


Milinkiewicz. Safe partner.

At very beginning we have chosen to service professionally. Till today we work same way. This let us develop and for all 10 years of our activity act in Poland and Western Europe. We are dynamically developing company, which specializes in vehicular and intermodal transport. We carry whole and part vehicular commodity.

Milinkiewicz siedziba


Loking for work?
We are lokking for you!

Currently we are not hiring. But keep visiting us in the future!

In our opinion is the partnership better in our business, therefore we set down always clear cooperation conditions, we respect our partner and we expect it in return. Feel free to contact us.


Adres P.P.H.U. Milinkiewicz
ul. Graniczna 8
63-600 Kępno

Telefon tel./fax+48 (62) 78 200 99

Mail bok@milinkiewicz.pl

Milinkiewicz Transport